This month’s challenge is to write something beginning with “My favorite colour tastes like…”

Today’s writing comes to us from Cathy MacKenzie. Her most recent publication, BETWEEN THESE PAGES, is a compilation of 18 short stories. The book is available on Amazon and Smashwords.


 My Favourite Colour


My favourite colour tastes like death and demise,

the evil that lingers behind the light at night


It’s the dark in the day and shades of grey

of living and dying


It’s hard and firm, chokes one up

and leaves a film upon one’s tongue

that lashes out at all in sight


It’s the soiled, the wicked,

the disastrous, the disgraceful,

the dishonourable


It’s grim and hopeless, angry,

illegal and sinister,

the Devil in all of us


It’s the dank in the darkness,

the smell of skunk and

spiders, dead and alive


It’s a pelt marred by a steak of white

like lightning rushing through the night

to wake the dead


It’s six feet under in a rotten pine box

so cheaply made, disintegrating

and disappearing to dust


It’s the bits that fly in the air

when a body sleeps

and stirs to shake off the fallen unknown


It’s morning before the sun

when dusk still prevails

and eyes can’t adjust to the slew

of shadows swarming by


It’s when dawn tries to open its eyes

and yawns a morning sigh

and awakens those

who dream of nightmares


Its name is known and it’s the doom,

the evil that takes over the good—

Satan in the garden

who spews and stills the world


I’ll come for you when your time is due

and you can’t stop the pitch,

the coal, the burning coal,

or the enemy who seeks to destroy


You must wait for day to wake

to brush away the cold


My name is Black

and I may leave,

but I’ll be back.

* * *

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