Spot Writers: My Favorite Color…

This month’s challenge is to write something beginning with “My favorite colour tastes like…”

Today’s writing comes to us from Melinda Elmore. Her most recent publication, Blood on the Feather and Shall We Dance, is mixture of mystery and murder and a sweet Halloween tale. The books are available on Amazon and through my publisher, Dancing with Bear Publishing.

  * * *

“My favorite colour tastes like…”


My favorite colour tastes like….

The dew on a new morning leaf

The sparkling drops tingles the mouth

Leaving one to mesmerize the taste across their lips.


My favorite colour tastes like….a Hersey’s Kiss….

Chocolaty, divine….never-ending…..

Melts in the mouth from the warmth of the sensations


My favorite colour tastes like…an Arizona sunset

Full of color and breathtaking…..


My favorite colour tastes like…..

The sound of the flute…..

Soothing and musical.


My favorite colour tastes like….

My family….

Full of unconditional love.


My favorite colour tastes like….


Heart feeling and full of emotions.


My favorite colour tastes like….


Being there for everybody you can…


My favorite colour tastes like…..


Full of vibrant sensations for total enjoyment.

* * *

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