Book Review: Dark Hollow by Brian Keene

Warning: this is a horror novel with explicit content and best suited for mature readers and fans of the horror genre.

Dark Hollow was recommended to me by a Facebook friend, who said he could not put the book down. I see why. Keene’s novel is a fun read for fans of horror. It follows a writer named Adam who is stuck in his Pennsylvania neighborhood trying to write his next big seller. But his wife has been having miscarriages, and their marriage is strained. Beyond that, women are disappearing into the woods, and men are found murdered.

Minor spoilers appear in only the next paragraph.

As Adam investigates the mystery, he finds a satyr in the woods doing unwholesome things with one of the local women. And when the satyr plays his magical pipes, the entire population comes down with spring fever. I especially enjoyed the imagery describing the satyr, despite how gruesome it was.

(End of spoilers)

I enjoyed how the author wove in elements of mythology with elements of the protagonist’s life to give the plot more personal relevance to the character. I love being scared, and this book definitely did that. Though parts of it were a bit gruesome, especially at the end, I enjoyed how the book built slowly, focusing on psychological horror rather than simply physical gore. I could see this book being made into a great movie.

I recommend it wholeheartedly for fans of the horror genre.

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