Writer Wednesday: Women in Horror

February is Women in Horror month. As a writer who sometimes leans toward the “dark,” I was excited to hear this. Since being addicted to Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (a gateway book to other horror), I have been a fan of the macabre.

I’ve come across an IndiGoGo campaign for a horror anthology penned solely by women. It’s going to be published by Dark Regions Press, and they’ve got a great lineup of authors so far!

It’s called Dreams from the Witch House: Women of Lovecraft. Lovecraftian horror is the kind I like–it’s not gruesome, and it doesn’t focus on gore or explicit material for its own sake; rather, it focuses on psychological horror and things like ancient demons hiding in the Earth. If you’re a fan of horror, check out the campaign here. You can pre-order copies and find all kinds of other perks, too (not to mention, you can take a look at the awesome artwork). The campaign is open until March 1.

I’ve only just discovered this anthology and am excited to see they are accepting submissions from female horror writers. Maybe I’ll channel my dark side and write something 🙂

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