Fantastic Friday: Fall

I’m one of those people—you know the ones. I never complain about heat waves. I dread snow and cold. Putting on pants and socks makes me feel like I’m being mummified. I would love to retire somewhere tropical and warm.

But for today’s Fantastic Friday post, I wanted to highlight some of the benefits of fall’s cool, crisp time of year. It’s much more beneficial to emphasize the positives, after all, than to dwell on the fact that summer is now nearly a calendar year away.

(As for snow, it may take me a while to find any positives in it!)

But for now, the magic of autumn:

In the spirit of autumn, I even made myself into an avatar (apparently there is a Peanuts movie coming out soon). The autumn colors and the crispness in the air do provide some enjoyment. Though winter is coming, I am reminded of Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” and am trying to hold onto the magic of each season.


Going for a walk one cool morning, I came upon this decoration a few streets away:


The owner hung the ghost in such a way that anyone leaving or entering their driveway has to literally drive through the ghost. While we were walking, there was a gentle breeze, and the ghost kept billowing out as if it wanted its picture taken!

And then there are all the autumn traditions. After posing with the ghost, we went to an apple orchard up in Pennsylvania and came back with more apples than we can handle. I see baking in our future!

bag of apples

And finally, the corgis love the cooler weather. In the summer, it’s tough to get them to stay outside longer than necessary. But in the fall, they stay out willingly. Yoda’s favorite place to be is sitting under a tree, gently sniffing the wind. But in this case, he settled on a nap under the hammock.

"It's hard to nap when you're right there with a camera!"

“It’s hard to nap when you’re right there with a camera!”

Leia, on the other hand, prefers to hunt all the animals that are getting ready to bed down for the winter.

20150919_184437We can’t choose what happens to us, and we certainly can’t choose the weather. What we can do is choose our reactions to external forces. For me, a lover of perpetual summer, warmth, and sun, the beginning of autumn is always a tough time. But this year, I’m looking at the positives.

I just may need a little help when it starts to snow!

Happy Friday 🙂


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